Monday, April 30, 2012

Wednesday Blue

Me: so sleepy today
T: NVM, tomorrow you off, you can have some rest.
Me: I don't wana off.
Me: later I will have wednesday blue.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The cute sign - Watch out, molester

Come across a cute sign in the Jurong Area.
Watch out, got molester.
Check the sign. Normal road sign, the stick man will be with flat body shapes but check on this. The girl has a good body shape and the guy behind, see how he catch up the girl and touch her. The sign is so cute.
But then, we still need to take this serious. Girls, Be aware of this. Check on the prevention steps  given. Dont risk your life. Stay safe and that is very important.
In case you cant read the small letter from the banner. Here is it.

To Prevent Outrage of Modesty:
  • When returning home alone or late at night, arrange for someone to escort you home.
  • Be alert and attentive to your surroundings. If you suspect that someone is following you, proceed to a crowded area or call the police for assitance.
  • Avoid walking through dimly lit, quirt and secluded places.
What if the person who escort you are the one who molest you? Thats the question I throw to my friend and she said, that is your problem as you should not fully trusted someone.  Well, agreeable, so girls just make sure you are not totally alone and at least have a few friends with you and do not, remember do not walk in the dark.

Squid Ink Pizza from Skinny Pizza

My friend told me that since both of us are skinny, we should go for the Skinny Pizza for dinner. lol. What kind of logic is that.

So we walk to Raffles City, City Hall Singapore and visited the place. The waiters will give you the menu before you are seated to ensure that you are comfortable with the price first. So, you know, the price list here is high. For me, first try is still ok. We walked in the place and ordered two dishes. The squid ink pizza that cost SGD25 and for sides we ordered grilled prawns with cauliflower couscous cost SGD6.

When the sides is served, both my friend and me get shocked and rolled our eyes. 3 grilled prawns costing us SGD6, with SGD2 for each of it. Ok, calm down, lets taste it first before we said anything. After the first bite. Both of us shouted '3 grilled frozen prawns costing us SGD6'? is not about affordable or not, its about value the money or not. This is over cost. Really. The prawn is not fresh and no taste at all even with the source.  No kidding. This is our first time ordering this and definitely will be our last time. Now we know why the photo is not display in the menu.

Finally, our main dish is here, squid ink pizza. The pizza looks so cool in black and when the waiter cut the pizza, you can hear the sounds. Its really good. But it took me a while to take the first bite as eating a BLACK pizza. I am wondering will I get poison or not. But after the first bite, I just cant stop.  The pizza is special. I told my friend I cant taste the squid ink at all. But after a few slices, the INK taste is there. But no worries, its a very mild taste and you will still enjoy the pizza. If cost is not an issue (cost SGD25 for 6 slices of pizza is still a bit over cost for me), the squid ink pizza is worth to give it a try.

Our SGD6 sides. Both of us get shocked and rolled our eyes. 3 grilled prawns cost us SGD6?!!! After take the first bites, wow, 3 grilled frozen prawns cost us SGD6?!! unbelievable. No second time. seriously. This is over cost.
 This is used to cut the pizza. Snapped the photo for fun. :D
 Here is the squid ink pizza, Yes all in black. Its so special and this is my first time tasting on this.
 Here is the first slice served in my plate. Its really dark like ink. Make me think twice before I took the first bite, after that, there is no stop until the plate is empty.

Afternoon Recharge - Station 51

Come across this place when we had our weekend jalan-jalan at Bugis Area (should be in between Bugis and City Hall). Station 51.

We were visiting an outdoor store, Campers Corner. But there is a small cafe area attached on it call 'Station 51'. The first thing I did was, on my iphone apps and search is this place found in beanhunter and no, its not listed there.

My friend was checking on some outdoor stuff there while me, just hanging around accompany her. As a return, I got chance to sit down in the cafe and have my favorite cappuccino. 

The owner of the place is very friendly sharing his experience on climbing and mountaineering. Giving us guide on how the climb will be etc and sharing with us the different design for female and male backpack and shoes. Great experience and we have a great time there.

Here is the main entrance to the outdoor store and the cafe.
 A sign showing you need to use the main entrance.
The menu just on the top. They serve coffee and desert in a reasonable price. The canned drinks in SGD1.30 and the cappuccino is only SGD3.50.
 Here is my cappuccino with some choclate powder on top. I like it cause the choclate powder aroma is not too strong and you still able to taste the coffee. But the foam is not so fine. Overall for the coffee, 6/10.

Xiao Long Bao, Our all time favorite

Today lunch at Jurong Point, Boon Lay Singapore. The place get renovated and now more things can get from this shopping mall. We just stopped by to have our lunch and we picked our all time favorite restaurant, Ding Tai Fong.

The main reason listed this restaurant as our all time favorite is because of the 'Xiao Long Bao', (small pork bun with soup inside). We ordered a thousand layer cake as desert, a plate of pork chop fried rice and 10 pierces of Xiao Long Bao. How can we visited the place without ordering Xiao Long Bao. :D

The Xiao Long Bao, serve with ginger slices and vinegar as the source. You can have it with or witout the vinegar dip depends on your preference. Check the food photo below. The pork chop fried rice with the golden color of friend rice. The pork chop going good with the restaurant chilli or vinegar and the Xiao Long Bao, you can order either 6 or 10 pierces. We always go for 10. as 6 realy not enough.

The nice xiao long bao. 10 pierces always not enough and make people fight for the last few pierces.

See the color of the pork chop? Make my tummy calling now.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Iphone Apps - BeanHunter

Scratching your head try to find a new cafe for weekend handout?
Introduced by one of my friend. The Iphone App 'BeanHunter'.  If you enable the location services, the app will scan your location and suggest the nearby cafe. Whats more? The review from all the coffee kaki.
Enjoy your smart phone !!! :D

Beanhunter, iphone app

Beanhunter, iphone app

Life Quote of The Day - Love

Only those who love themselves know how to love others.

Its Coffee Time - Brew My Own Weekend Coffee

Been suffering for the whole work week in the office without a cup of nice coffee.
Now I have a picky tongue. She will not accept those drinks from the vending machines and even the instant coffee brewer from Starbucks not able to keep her satisfy.

So, today, I got to do something. Its time to have some fun and play 'masak-masak' (cooking) like little kids. Here is my gadget. A pack of coffee beans from Papa Palhelta, a small hand grinders, a battery operate milk frontier and lastly the espresso maker.

Lets start. 

Today's' beans Guatemala Antigua from papa palheta. Once I opened the packet, the aroma from the beans filled up my nose. Its great to have this familiar smells back again.

First time brewing, so I think its better I brew only for two. Start to grind some beans. Special thanks to my nephew being helpful and offered to grind part of it.  I am sure after sometime brewing my own morning coffee, grinding the beans will help to build up a muscular arm. Do not look down on this small hand-grinder, its able to grind a find beans but just you do not have the selections for you to choose how find you want like those electric grinder. 

After the grinding part, time to brew.  Go this small pot from Ikea. You just need to fill up the bottom part with some water, then filled up the funnel with finely ground coffee. Screw the bottom and top part together and you are ready to go. Just put the pot on top and the stove, light the stove up and wait. I kept the fire small to make sure it will not spoilt the handler.

See the coffee? Once the water in the lower part of the pot boil. It will go through the funnel and will flow throw the small tube in the middle.

Now you can see the whole pot is filled up with coffee and I think I better keep the cover close for my own safety. Close the pot and wait. The whole process is definitely less than 20 mins.

Ok, the coffee is ready. Now is the milk time. I just heat up the milk which I just took out from the fridge. I forgot to buy a thermometer. So just make sure the temperature is not too high. After adding some temperature on, time to pour it out to a tall cup and use milk frontier to make some foam for my morning coffee. 

Here is my cappuccino. The foams not really looking good. But the taste, well, its not as good as those from the espresso machine but its definitely much more better than the one from the vending machine

That is how the bottom part looks like.

Total time, about 40mins including washing and grinding the beans. Its fun and feel great when you can have a cup of nice coffee on hands with the strong aroma smells from the coffee. Definitely a good start for weekend morning.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Cook, Yam Chicken Rice

What is the dinner? Today is Friday. Normally we will just have something simple like friend rice or chicken rice. Today my mum prepared Yam Chicken Rice. O.o  That is my favourite.

I finished up all the rice in the rice bowl with a bit of home made chilli and a big glass of orange juice. The dinner is great. 

Rate for the food? 10/10. Mums cooking always the BEST.

Hot Tomato @313 Somerset

Not the first time visited Hot Tomato cafe & grill but this outlet, this is the first time.
The price is reasonable. That is the main reason why I like this place. 
I ordered Mixed Grilled SGD13.90 and my friend ordered pork chop with sausage SGD11.90 (that is her favorite dish).

We never ordered any drinks but walk to Cold Storage near by to get a 330ml of drinking water. 

How is the food? As usual, its value the money. I really love this place a lot. =D

Hot Tomato @ Basement in 313 Somerset

Mixed Grilled [pork chop, Chicken chop, Sausage, Spaghetti and salad)

Pork Chop with sausage [pork chop, sausage,  Spaghetti and salad]

Bak Kut Teh at Marsiling Food Court

Today my colleagues bring to out for lunch at Marsiling Food Court.  Decided to try out this stall 'Lao Huang Bak Kut Teh'. Well, they displayed a few newspaper cut there, that is the main reason I picked this stall up and decided to give it a try.

What I ordered? Of cause Bak Kut Teh. The Singapore Bak Kut Teh is different compare with Malaysia. Malaysia we use the chinese Herbs to be the stock. But here in Singapore, its like a white pepper soup in Malaysia with lots of garlics.

The bak kut teh I ordered cost me SGD5.50 and come with a bowl of white rice. How is the taste? Quite good. I said good here, I treat it as the 'white pepper soup' standard but not bak kut teh. The soup only have garlic smells and taste a little bit spicy due to the white pepper. If you do not like the white pepper smells, pick others items from the stall. Beside Bak Kut Teh, they sell 'Kuay Chap' as well.

Rating? 4/10. Value the money? SGD5.50 is a overprice for me in Marsiling area and the food standard still need a catch up to its price.

Other stalls available in the same food court.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinese cuisine - Spicy Food

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in China Town. 川味人家 at Mosque Street.
This restaurant is famous with their spicy food. Ma la 麻辣 (numb and spicy) are the core of the dishes. But local people cant really take too spicy food especially those dishes which come with thick layer of chili oils on top. So, they come out with some non spicy dishes and steamboat in the menu.
Check out the dishes we had that night.
Appetizer: tong bei liang pi(东北凉皮) sgd8 for small
Meat and to fu skin sgd12 for small.
Salted prawn (8 in total) sgd18.

Yes we did not ordered the spicy food that night for dinner as we don't want to end up having funny tummy on the next day.

If you happen to drop by somewhere near by and want to test your spicy level, do give this place a try. :D

End of honeymoon

Today finally got my pc set in work and my deskphone. What does this mean? End of honeymoon.
Be honest, this is my first time had two days of free time when start for a new job. I always ended up work late on the first day work everytime.
For the first two days where I don't have a pc, I really do not know what to do. Everyone seems so busy with work.
Today after got my computer around3.30pm, I started to work until 6pm. That's overtime for me as my office time is from 8.15am till 5.30pm.
One of my colleague said I have a tidy and clean, I said because this is only a start. Later will be full of papers with the projects things.

Delivery Food again

This is the second day I am having delivery food. I am having Saba fish bento set and my colleagues ordered the chicken teriyaki. I am not sure about the price for teriyaki chicken but for my Saba fish bento, it cost me sgd6.20. WoW.. We spread the delivery charge and make it additional sgd0.30 for the bento.
Delivery only available if you ordered sgd80 and above and still have charges!! This is so expensive. Luckily this is just for occasionally event (farewell/ birthday etc).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vegan Burg - The vegetarian burger

A vegetarian colleague is leaving and we were organized farewell lunch for her this afternoon, we decided to go for the vegetarian food today. Come across 'Vegan Burg' delivery. When we scanned through the price list, wow, so expensive as only the burger itsellf will cost you ~SGD6-SGD8. But still we proceed with the order with reason as for now really hard to get vegetarian delivery food and we are really tired with some indian vegetarian food delivery and would like to try something new.
For sides, we ordered 'Granny's Comfort Soup', 'Vegan Franks','Old school Hot Dog' and 'Crispy potato and spinach pop'. All the sides are same price at SGD3.80 and there are about 7 for selections.
I was having Vegankidz burger and the crispy potato. It taste good. All the patty is make from soya and some with mixture of mushroom. Except for the Vegankids burger, all the burger in bigger size compare with McDonald burger but still smaller than Carls Junior. But dont be fool by the size thinking its too small, the bread they are using are whole grin bread and its compact. Together with the soya made patty, most of my colleagues shared the sides as they cant finish. Feedback from the Granny's Comfort Soup is not so good as from the person who ordered that said the soup is too dilute. I didnt tasted the soup so I cant comments here. I will be giving 7/10 from the burger I ordered as the burger came in not hot but still taste good. But for the side, the Crispy potato which make from smash potato which make into small ball and fried is abit oily. I will only give 5/10 for the sides.

We never order any drinks as one of the colleagues volunteer to bring Ribenna and even prepared the jar and make the drinks for us. Thank you. 10/10 for the drink. :D

If you are looking for vegetarian catering, here is another additional selections you can consider.

Vegan Burg delivery Menu=>
Vegan Burg blog=>

Some of the sides we ordered


 VeganKidz and Crispy Potato I had.

See all the food we ordered.  A lots right...

My today's breakfast

Second day work in the new place. Time to try out their canteen food. Start from breakfast. A cup of hot soya milk without any sugar and a fresh make donut, the taste is great and how much I spent? SGD1.20.
1.20!!! I was shocked when the cashier told me its only 1.20.
My friends here recommend me to have sandwich next time. The bread is freshly make and oven with 2 slices of tomatoes, 2 slices of cucumber, some lettuce and selections of tuna/chicken.
She said the only bad thing is the lettuce will be depends on the Aunty mood as when she is not in good one, you will only get little bit of it even you requested more.

Well, that's really make me want to try the sandwich. A nice good breakfast will bring a better mood through out the day. :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

yes, I am back

T: Hows your work today?
Me: Ok, just I need to repeat a sentence over and over again.
T: Whats that?
Me: Yes, I am back and cause I miss here.
Me: People keep repeating this two sentence to me, 'ei you are back' or 'why your are back'. So I have to repeat the answers many many many times.
T: lol

Pomelo?Orange?Who is the father!!!

T: Wah, they cut it so nice.
Me: Orange.
T: What orange, its pomelo.
Me: Its orange. Chinese we called it '柳橙' means  pomelo Orange.
T: See, its  pomelo .
Me: Its orange, this should be one of the mix-fruits. Mix  pomelo and Orange. 
T: So its a  pomelo .
Me: Its orange.  pomelo is the mum, orange is the father, so, it will follow the father side and its orange.
T: ah?! How you know  pomelo is the mum.
Me: Cause for mum after give birth the body size become bigger than the father.  pomelo is bigger than orange.
T: ... (speechless).

For those who dont know what fruits we are referring to? Please check below nice photo from
After google, the fruit should be call 'Blood Oranges' /'Red Orange' (See, Its orange!!!) or the scientific name should be 'Citrus Sinensis' according to
According to wikipedia, all oranges should be hybrid from pomelo and tangerine (Bingo!! they are mix-blood la.. erm..erm.. its hybrid) and the blood orange is originated as a mutation from sweet orange.  Mutation?!! ok, I try not to eat that next time.

So, its orange, its orange!!

Fruits Time

After dinner at Velocity, Novena and brought some fruits from here. SF Food n Beverage Pte.Ltd just around the corder. The fruits looks good where they cut it and display it nicely and you can find a long list of juice menu start from SGD 2 to SGD2.50, SGD3 onwards.
We bought a piece of rockmelon  (SGD1.30) and a pierce of white dragon fruits (SGD1) and just sat at the high stool chit chating while enjoying our fruits.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do you feel the heat outside?

Do you feel the heat outside? Today is extremely hot. The temperature is high and all of us melting walking out from a place to another.
What is the first thing in our mind? Ice cold desert !!!
I suggested to pop by Bugis, 'Desert First' at Liang Siah Street. This is not the first time I am here. First brought here by a friend and today revisit this place with the same person. 
The first thing we notice once we step in, the change the tables. Now the menu, printed on the table surface which is good. More convenient and everyone have their menu in front of them. No more passing the menu around. 2nd thing we noticed, the price is different now.
Cheaper? Of course not, hike of SGD0.50. 
We ordered Mango shaved Iced. First scope in to your mouth. wow ... heaven. 
You really got to try this. 
The shop founded on 2009 and they are selling both hot and cold desert. Now they even have dim sum, but the variety of dim sum is not many as where desert still their main business. hehe.. Go check their homepage, a lot of local artists pop by for the desert as well.
Here is the official link of the shop

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