Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 April 2012 - Work Life Balance

Today, the 3rd day before my last day in this company. My boss, giving me another generous offer after his counter offers attempt failed.
He dropped me an email and asked if I can work as part-time consultant to one of the projects I am handling now for the next 2 mths until he got the new guy come in to take over.
This sounds very interesting. Well, this again proved that I had done a great job in the past almost 2 years here as they kept giving me different kind of offers after I handed the white envelop about a month ago.
After about an hour, I decided to reject the offer. As I will be soon busy with my own thing and I am going to start the new job soon as well. If I take up the offer, that will forfeit the main reason why I leave the place. Work.Life.Balance.
Well, I cant denied, money always in the top few places in my list. We definitely cannot live here in Singapore without that. But, money is not everything. I want health, I want life, I want my dream to come true. So, I rejected his offer once again.

Still, I appreciate it. Thank you boss.


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