Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 April 2012 - First Dinner without a job

Today, is my last day in service for the current company. Suppose today have a farewell dinner with colleagues but then, last minute the dinner appointment get cancelled. Pathetic?  Well, then, I just went back to my area and want to treat myself a good dinner, so I went there - "Hot Tomato" restaurant and ordered a Pork Chop with sausage (SGD9.90) and coke(SGD1.90). After included all the tax&charges, the meal cost me SGD13.90. The food, always satisfying with relevant price and as usual the place was crowded. But I am so lucky today as after I stepped in, the Q start to build up behind me. huh... lucky me.
Here is the photo for my first dinner without a job !!!

Well, although the dinner appointment was cancelled and had to reschedule to next week, my colleagues. No, should be my excolleagues still remember to buy me the farewell gift.. So touch. hehe.. well got my favourite Royce choclate and starbuck coffee mug and satrbuck card. heheheh
Thank you all of you !!!


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