Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 April 2012 - Last Office Conversations

B: walao, you said no problem.. why got bugs.
Me: forecasting and realistic always got slight different.
B: walao eh, cannot like that.
Me: Dont worry, I will pass the thing to my team lead. (hehehe).
B: That means endless.
Me: No la, actually you know us, we can develop alots of fantastic applications and the 'ONE BUTTON' applications do exist.
B: what one button.
Me: Means you just need to press on one button and the application do all the things for you.
B: Now this so buggy still talk about one button things.
Me: We know its doable and we are able to do it but we cant.
B: What you mean.
Me: We will loose our jobs what.. there will be no you and me as the big boss can hire any dumb person clock on on 8am and clock out on 5pm just to press the same button once a day with super low pay.
B: hahah.. you talk nonsense again.
Me: I am saving you and you still laughed at me. Ok, bye, I am going home now !!!


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