Friday, April 6, 2012

12 Oct 2011 - Office Conversation 2

A: now the kids very hard to teach.
B: yeah, mine told me yesterday 'mummy, u nag fir so long, not tired meh'
A: mine, I canned him, he told his dad I abused him.
Me: aiyeah, all because of milk powder, blame them.
A: yeah all the DHA fault.
Me: actually, now the kids have their own view on everything, canned and nag would help. U need to bring them see some loser and tell them if they don't listen to u, they will grown up like that.
A: brilliant idea.
Me: of course.
A: so when you will be free to meet up my kids.
B: mine next.
Me: ... ... 鸡蛋!!!


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