Friday, April 6, 2012

15 Oct 2011 - Office Conversation

A: what have u bought today?
Me: nothing, just some sandwich bag.
A: what's that for?
Me: to put sandwich so that I can bring to work?
A: what is this? (pointing to the box)?
Me: stickers...
A: what!! You put the stickers on your sandwich?
Me: lol, ok, here I have a sandwich, then plastic bags and stickers, what do you think? I will stick the stickers on the sandwich then put the sandwich in the plastic bag or I will put the sandwich in the plastic bag first and use the stickers to seal it?
A: (looks bait confuse and still figuring out why the box of sandwich bags come with stickers)
Me: ok, look, although I look like a weirdo, and sometime I talk like an idiot, this does not means I will eat a sandwich with stickers on it. I am not those kind of food adventure people.
A: oh, the stickers is not for the sandwich, it's for the plastic bags..


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