Thursday, April 19, 2012

16 April 2012 - CoffeeSmith

Since I am so free nowaday, I went down to Raffles Place and met up with some excolleagues for lunch. Of course must look for some coffee places since I am meeting the 'kopi kui' [coffee ghost].
For those who seldom go to raffles place (the Singapore Main Finance Central), try here - CoffeeSmith.
Why this place? Well, this place get their beans from papa pahelta. :D and one thing good about this place, they sell sandwiches. [papa pahelta only have coffee]
We reached the place on 12 noon. Thanks to SMRT, due to train fault I was late and all my favorite chicken sandwiches sold out.
So here is it, my single shot cappuccino and ham& cheese.
If you plan to eat there, remember to go there early, as the place is quite popular and always fullhouse (really hard to grab a chair).  My advise, either you go there early or late. Check on the blackboard, they have their menu written there.
 Enjoy your coffee!!!
Coffeesmith @ CBD
t.65 9339 6878
62 Collyer Quay #02-11
Singapore 049325
(change alley linkbridge)


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