Friday, April 6, 2012

22 Nov 2011 - Friends Conversation

B:u c doc now?
Me: no, having coffee. After the coffee then go.
B: sick still drink coffee.
Me: let me tell u the story, how coffee come into my life. I was so into milo when I was young. I never notice existence of coffee until uni time, my frens intro me the coffee and we get along quite well. He looks so calm and steady and vtime I can feel my heart beat increase when he is with me. He help to pull myself together when I had my last minute Cheong for projects o exam. W/o him sure I cant go through all the hard time. Stress from work make me complaint n nag more but coffee, he always listen and cheer me up. We met up more frequent after I joined Chartered. The 20c coffee machine make our rel grow stronger until one day, I realized, I am not the only gal in his life and he win alots of girls hearts. (damn coffee is 小白睑,龟公). So advise to all, keep urself away from coffee he is nothing but an asshole.
Me: lol
B: what a love n hate relationship
B: he also win men's heart
Me: oh yeah, damn he is bi.
D: there is high grade n low grade. Trendy->ice blended coffee, traditional->kopitiam coffee. Fast food version->instant coffee.
Me: haha, D, I am going to get angry, don't put ur hand on my coffee, stop flirting.


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