Friday, April 6, 2012

26 March 2012 - Office Conversation 3

TL: what you want to do if you quit ur job.
Me: I dont know. maybe i can be loan shark.
TL: what makes u think u r qualify.
Me: mmm.. 1) i got tatt
TL: ok.
Me: 2) I speak singlish. i can shout.. 'oi, money come, money come'
TL: lol, ok
Me: 3) I know how to write owe money pay money in short, O$P$.
TL: lol.
Me: so you wana borrow $ from my company?
TL: got any privilege?
Me: I let you choose the paint color for your door and your lucky number for the lock on the chain.
TL: lol. you win


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