Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Nov 2011 - Kids Conversation

Story 1:
Me: look at ur daddy
B: haha, he is wearing Santa Claus hat
Me: it's xmas. That's why he is working night shift recently.
B: what?!
Me: he work for Santa
B: u mean he is an elf?
All: lol

Story 2:
Story 2:
Me: I need to ask u something.
B: yes.
Me: should I pass him my wish list?
B: what wish list
Me: the gift I want from Santa. Since he is working there, he should be able to help me handover to Santa.
B: haha, u will not get the gift.
Me: why?!?!
B: u r in naughty list
Me: =.=!!


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