Sunday, April 29, 2012

Afternoon Recharge - Station 51

Come across this place when we had our weekend jalan-jalan at Bugis Area (should be in between Bugis and City Hall). Station 51.

We were visiting an outdoor store, Campers Corner. But there is a small cafe area attached on it call 'Station 51'. The first thing I did was, on my iphone apps and search is this place found in beanhunter and no, its not listed there.

My friend was checking on some outdoor stuff there while me, just hanging around accompany her. As a return, I got chance to sit down in the cafe and have my favorite cappuccino. 

The owner of the place is very friendly sharing his experience on climbing and mountaineering. Giving us guide on how the climb will be etc and sharing with us the different design for female and male backpack and shoes. Great experience and we have a great time there.

Here is the main entrance to the outdoor store and the cafe.
 A sign showing you need to use the main entrance.
The menu just on the top. They serve coffee and desert in a reasonable price. The canned drinks in SGD1.30 and the cappuccino is only SGD3.50.
 Here is my cappuccino with some choclate powder on top. I like it cause the choclate powder aroma is not too strong and you still able to taste the coffee. But the foam is not so fine. Overall for the coffee, 6/10.


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