Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinese cuisine - Spicy Food

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in China Town. 川味人家 at Mosque Street.
This restaurant is famous with their spicy food. Ma la 麻辣 (numb and spicy) are the core of the dishes. But local people cant really take too spicy food especially those dishes which come with thick layer of chili oils on top. So, they come out with some non spicy dishes and steamboat in the menu.
Check out the dishes we had that night.
Appetizer: tong bei liang pi(东北凉皮) sgd8 for small
Meat and to fu skin sgd12 for small.
Salted prawn (8 in total) sgd18.

Yes we did not ordered the spicy food that night for dinner as we don't want to end up having funny tummy on the next day.

If you happen to drop by somewhere near by and want to test your spicy level, do give this place a try. :D


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