Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do you feel the heat outside?

Do you feel the heat outside? Today is extremely hot. The temperature is high and all of us melting walking out from a place to another.
What is the first thing in our mind? Ice cold desert !!!
I suggested to pop by Bugis, 'Desert First' at Liang Siah Street. This is not the first time I am here. First brought here by a friend and today revisit this place with the same person. 
The first thing we notice once we step in, the change the tables. Now the menu, printed on the table surface which is good. More convenient and everyone have their menu in front of them. No more passing the menu around. 2nd thing we noticed, the price is different now.
Cheaper? Of course not, hike of SGD0.50. 
We ordered Mango shaved Iced. First scope in to your mouth. wow ... heaven. 
You really got to try this. 
The shop founded on 2009 and they are selling both hot and cold desert. Now they even have dim sum, but the variety of dim sum is not many as where desert still their main business. hehe.. Go check their homepage, a lot of local artists pop by for the desert as well.
Here is the official link of the shop


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