Saturday, April 21, 2012

Its Coffee Time

Check this out. Yes, a take away of single shot cappuccino from Blue Mountain cafe in Somerset 313 Shopping centre Level 3, Singapore.

How is it? well, I forgot to remind the barista, no chocolate powder please. The whole cup of coffee, I smells and taste only the chocolate powder which is very bad. The chocolate taste over take the coffee. I wonder that is a hot chocolate or cappuccino.Hehe.. 

Besides coffee, this place serve western food as well. My previous visit for dinner, I took spaghetti. This place was a backup due to dinner at Mache at level 1 ended up Got ot wait more than 2 hours.  I would like to revisit the place again to try out their food one more time before I can conclude everything about this cafe. For me, of course. But the cappuccino, definitely is not suit my taste buds. Too fruity, too sweet. I forgot to ask what beans they are having on that day.


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