Saturday, April 28, 2012

Its Coffee Time - Brew My Own Weekend Coffee

Been suffering for the whole work week in the office without a cup of nice coffee.
Now I have a picky tongue. She will not accept those drinks from the vending machines and even the instant coffee brewer from Starbucks not able to keep her satisfy.

So, today, I got to do something. Its time to have some fun and play 'masak-masak' (cooking) like little kids. Here is my gadget. A pack of coffee beans from Papa Palhelta, a small hand grinders, a battery operate milk frontier and lastly the espresso maker.

Lets start. 

Today's' beans Guatemala Antigua from papa palheta. Once I opened the packet, the aroma from the beans filled up my nose. Its great to have this familiar smells back again.

First time brewing, so I think its better I brew only for two. Start to grind some beans. Special thanks to my nephew being helpful and offered to grind part of it.  I am sure after sometime brewing my own morning coffee, grinding the beans will help to build up a muscular arm. Do not look down on this small hand-grinder, its able to grind a find beans but just you do not have the selections for you to choose how find you want like those electric grinder. 

After the grinding part, time to brew.  Go this small pot from Ikea. You just need to fill up the bottom part with some water, then filled up the funnel with finely ground coffee. Screw the bottom and top part together and you are ready to go. Just put the pot on top and the stove, light the stove up and wait. I kept the fire small to make sure it will not spoilt the handler.

See the coffee? Once the water in the lower part of the pot boil. It will go through the funnel and will flow throw the small tube in the middle.

Now you can see the whole pot is filled up with coffee and I think I better keep the cover close for my own safety. Close the pot and wait. The whole process is definitely less than 20 mins.

Ok, the coffee is ready. Now is the milk time. I just heat up the milk which I just took out from the fridge. I forgot to buy a thermometer. So just make sure the temperature is not too high. After adding some temperature on, time to pour it out to a tall cup and use milk frontier to make some foam for my morning coffee. 

Here is my cappuccino. The foams not really looking good. But the taste, well, its not as good as those from the espresso machine but its definitely much more better than the one from the vending machine

That is how the bottom part looks like.

Total time, about 40mins including washing and grinding the beans. Its fun and feel great when you can have a cup of nice coffee on hands with the strong aroma smells from the coffee. Definitely a good start for weekend morning.


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