Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nando's, Nando's, I miss you sooooo much

It's dinner time, means its Nando's time. Hurray.. 
Think about grilled chicken, make me think about this place. Nando's from Dhoby Ghaut. 
We ordered 1/4 chicken with Mediterranean rice, spicy level will be 'Hot peri-peri' (SGD11.90), see the red flag!! Hehehe..  and if you ordered like what my friend had, 1/4 chicken with 2 sides, it will cost you (SGD14.90).  Check the flag colors and some small wording behind the small flags, its cute and nice. 
Dont worry, the source is only in the outer layer of chicken. You can just remove the skin if you find it too spicy for you. 
Out of 10, I would like to give Nando's 6. If I am having this in Malaysia, I will give them 7. Why? cause of currency conversion of course. Its more worth the money. Hehehe.. 
Get Nando's Menu >> Link
Get the location (currently they have 6 outlets)>> Link
Get Nutrition>>Link

*If you accessing the site using Iphone, please take note Nando's website using flash and Mobile Safari does not support flash unless you have a jailbreak phone with extra packages installed in your phone

 Green flag is lemon and herbs. Remember to turn the flag and see the words there. Its showing 'Not so brave'.. lol.

 If you think the source is not enough, you can always get extra from the bottles served in all the tables.

Now they are having promotions. Once you collected 5 stamps, you can get a free Cataplana in next visit. Yes, its free.


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