Monday, April 23, 2012

Pomelo?Orange?Who is the father!!!

T: Wah, they cut it so nice.
Me: Orange.
T: What orange, its pomelo.
Me: Its orange. Chinese we called it '柳橙' means  pomelo Orange.
T: See, its  pomelo .
Me: Its orange, this should be one of the mix-fruits. Mix  pomelo and Orange. 
T: So its a  pomelo .
Me: Its orange.  pomelo is the mum, orange is the father, so, it will follow the father side and its orange.
T: ah?! How you know  pomelo is the mum.
Me: Cause for mum after give birth the body size become bigger than the father.  pomelo is bigger than orange.
T: ... (speechless).

For those who dont know what fruits we are referring to? Please check below nice photo from
After google, the fruit should be call 'Blood Oranges' /'Red Orange' (See, Its orange!!!) or the scientific name should be 'Citrus Sinensis' according to
According to wikipedia, all oranges should be hybrid from pomelo and tangerine (Bingo!! they are mix-blood la.. erm..erm.. its hybrid) and the blood orange is originated as a mutation from sweet orange.  Mutation?!! ok, I try not to eat that next time.

So, its orange, its orange!!


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