Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pique Nique @ Taka, Orchard

Hang around at Takashimaya, Orchard and was too hungry. Pop by this nice vintage cafe out side Takashimaya shopping. Ordered 'American Breakfast' and cappuccino. Yes, it was half pass three and its no longer morning time. This place serve All Day Breakfast. 

They put there in the menu, any type of eggs. I ordered scramble eggs and the set come with bread and two slices of bacons. How is the taste? So .. So .. If you like crunchy bacon like me, you will not like the one serving in plate from this place. The toasted bread still acceptable and the scramble eggs, they dont have salt for me. What a waste. 

Now, lets talk about the coffee, paying SGD5 here and the same amount in Papa Pahelta, there is a big different. The coffee is not so tasteful although it looks nice in the white cup with nice heart latte art. For me, the coffee is not worth the money. (Yeah.. yeah.. I am stingy, SGD5 for me is as big as the moon). 

But the place still serve as a good waiting place with enough nice comfort sofa. I just hang around there waiting for my friends for dinner. 

Cautions: the country looks sofa have some water stains there. Have no idea why they still have them there as its really make people feel uneasy and the Kspork (Knife, spoon and fork) still have the water stains on it. They should have dry the things with cloth and saw some delivery guys delivery things through front door. There are black garbage plastic bags. I wonder what they are delivering. Dont tell me thats the bread I am having.

Out of 10, I will only give it 4. Long way to go.

I was serving myself by cleaning up the fork and knife with a tissue and setup the table nicely waiting for my food to come. 


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