Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pu Tian Restaurant, Jurong Point

Had a gathering dinner with two of my best friends at Jurong Point on 30 March 2012 - Pu Tian Chinese Restaurant. Nice gathering dinner as quite sometime we never meet up and update each other.
The Food is just ok. Out of 10 I will give them a 5. Value the money? Not really as I found it a bit expensive. The dishes in small portions (yes, we ordered small but this is too small).
But, there is one dish I like the most, the steam clam. Had been very long time I never eat this. Miss the hometown dishes where some of us eat that in raw (sashimi) and dip with vinegar. Of cause the hometown still win the rating as we dont need to count how many pierces we had as sometime we can have in a big bucket and you can eat as many as you can.
We had 5 dishes. But only two dishes in the photos as we waited quite sometime and only manage to snap the first two dishes. After we started to eat, we totally forgot about the photos things, everyone was starving and just too concentrate eating. Hehehe..


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