Friday, April 20, 2012

Revisit Papa Pahelta

Revisited this place with more photos to share.
Here is the shot of the lane going to papa. Yes, you have to go through the back door. Dont worry, although the door looks small, you still able to squeeze in as one of the barista is double my size and he still able  to go work daily. Sorry, no offence. Hehehe.. 
 Today the place is abit crowded. During lunch time, many white colars who work nearby like to hang out here. I never put Papa Pahelta as a cafe as they mainly brew coffee is for the purpose of beans tasting and now they make money from selling the coffee brewer or accessories. You can see it from all over the wall. Like this one, beside the painted wall of their brand, you can see there are syphon /v60 for brewer and some beans grinders and some small colorful recycle coffee cups. On the bar table, there are two beans grinders and a small automated espresso machine and a small glass jug for tips.
 Here is the place they put all their beans. For those who likes the beans, check out the shelf. The barista will be happy to explain to you all the beans taste, acidic or fruity taste, just ask the person nearby. Normally they are more than 1 barista around. In this photo as well, is my friends double shot flat white on the table.

On the left hand side, you can see a big shelf full of cloth. I am not sure whats that for but seems the place full of this. Well, I never ask too. 
You get the chance to taste different coffee beans here. Sometime the barista will be using v60 and its like doing experiment in science lab having thermometer, bunsen burner, small hot water pot and small espresso cups for you. If you like to prepare your mouth for the next shot. You always can get a water from the table here. There have sky juice jugs around just beside the vintage look old radio. (I am wondering the radio still working or not). Sorry for the over expose of the photo as there is a big glass window beside. If you need sugar, get it here as well. 

 Here is my cappuccino with rosetta for today. Why I like cappuccino? One of the reason is the latte art.  :D
Ok, enough talk about the place. Enjoy your coffee !!


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