Sunday, April 29, 2012

Squid Ink Pizza from Skinny Pizza

My friend told me that since both of us are skinny, we should go for the Skinny Pizza for dinner. lol. What kind of logic is that.

So we walk to Raffles City, City Hall Singapore and visited the place. The waiters will give you the menu before you are seated to ensure that you are comfortable with the price first. So, you know, the price list here is high. For me, first try is still ok. We walked in the place and ordered two dishes. The squid ink pizza that cost SGD25 and for sides we ordered grilled prawns with cauliflower couscous cost SGD6.

When the sides is served, both my friend and me get shocked and rolled our eyes. 3 grilled prawns costing us SGD6, with SGD2 for each of it. Ok, calm down, lets taste it first before we said anything. After the first bite. Both of us shouted '3 grilled frozen prawns costing us SGD6'? is not about affordable or not, its about value the money or not. This is over cost. Really. The prawn is not fresh and no taste at all even with the source.  No kidding. This is our first time ordering this and definitely will be our last time. Now we know why the photo is not display in the menu.

Finally, our main dish is here, squid ink pizza. The pizza looks so cool in black and when the waiter cut the pizza, you can hear the sounds. Its really good. But it took me a while to take the first bite as eating a BLACK pizza. I am wondering will I get poison or not. But after the first bite, I just cant stop.  The pizza is special. I told my friend I cant taste the squid ink at all. But after a few slices, the INK taste is there. But no worries, its a very mild taste and you will still enjoy the pizza. If cost is not an issue (cost SGD25 for 6 slices of pizza is still a bit over cost for me), the squid ink pizza is worth to give it a try.

Our SGD6 sides. Both of us get shocked and rolled our eyes. 3 grilled prawns cost us SGD6?!!! After take the first bites, wow, 3 grilled frozen prawns cost us SGD6?!! unbelievable. No second time. seriously. This is over cost.
 This is used to cut the pizza. Snapped the photo for fun. :D
 Here is the squid ink pizza, Yes all in black. Its so special and this is my first time tasting on this.
 Here is the first slice served in my plate. Its really dark like ink. Make me think twice before I took the first bite, after that, there is no stop until the plate is empty.


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