Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vegan Burg - The vegetarian burger

A vegetarian colleague is leaving and we were organized farewell lunch for her this afternoon, we decided to go for the vegetarian food today. Come across 'Vegan Burg' delivery. When we scanned through the price list, wow, so expensive as only the burger itsellf will cost you ~SGD6-SGD8. But still we proceed with the order with reason as for now really hard to get vegetarian delivery food and we are really tired with some indian vegetarian food delivery and would like to try something new.
For sides, we ordered 'Granny's Comfort Soup', 'Vegan Franks','Old school Hot Dog' and 'Crispy potato and spinach pop'. All the sides are same price at SGD3.80 and there are about 7 for selections.
I was having Vegankidz burger and the crispy potato. It taste good. All the patty is make from soya and some with mixture of mushroom. Except for the Vegankids burger, all the burger in bigger size compare with McDonald burger but still smaller than Carls Junior. But dont be fool by the size thinking its too small, the bread they are using are whole grin bread and its compact. Together with the soya made patty, most of my colleagues shared the sides as they cant finish. Feedback from the Granny's Comfort Soup is not so good as from the person who ordered that said the soup is too dilute. I didnt tasted the soup so I cant comments here. I will be giving 7/10 from the burger I ordered as the burger came in not hot but still taste good. But for the side, the Crispy potato which make from smash potato which make into small ball and fried is abit oily. I will only give 5/10 for the sides.

We never order any drinks as one of the colleagues volunteer to bring Ribenna and even prepared the jar and make the drinks for us. Thank you. 10/10 for the drink. :D

If you are looking for vegetarian catering, here is another additional selections you can consider.

Vegan Burg delivery Menu=>http://www.veganburg.com/delivery/
Vegan Burg blog=> http://www.veganburg.com/category/burgblog/

Some of the sides we ordered


 VeganKidz and Crispy Potato I had.

See all the food we ordered.  A lots right...


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