Sunday, April 29, 2012

Xiao Long Bao, Our all time favorite

Today lunch at Jurong Point, Boon Lay Singapore. The place get renovated and now more things can get from this shopping mall. We just stopped by to have our lunch and we picked our all time favorite restaurant, Ding Tai Fong.

The main reason listed this restaurant as our all time favorite is because of the 'Xiao Long Bao', (small pork bun with soup inside). We ordered a thousand layer cake as desert, a plate of pork chop fried rice and 10 pierces of Xiao Long Bao. How can we visited the place without ordering Xiao Long Bao. :D

The Xiao Long Bao, serve with ginger slices and vinegar as the source. You can have it with or witout the vinegar dip depends on your preference. Check the food photo below. The pork chop fried rice with the golden color of friend rice. The pork chop going good with the restaurant chilli or vinegar and the Xiao Long Bao, you can order either 6 or 10 pierces. We always go for 10. as 6 realy not enough.

The nice xiao long bao. 10 pierces always not enough and make people fight for the last few pierces.

See the color of the pork chop? Make my tummy calling now.


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