Monday, May 28, 2012

Phat Thai seafood

Tried the 'Siam Legend' Thai food today. I ordered a phat Thai seafood which cost me sgd5.50. The price is consider expensive for me for just a plate of phat Thai in food court area without air conditional.
The phat Thai come with only 2 frozen tasteless prawns (I don't really like this type of prawn where it is tasteless and still chewy like bubble gum, I always feel like I am putting some plastic in my mouth), abit of squid and toufu. Overall taste consider average but paying sgd5.50, I preferred the stall in 313 somerset food court where the cook herself is from Thailand and the phat Thai taste better.
Good to try but slightly overprice for me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nandos at Tampines Mall

Today we went down to Tampines to redeem our free Cataplana from the previous Nandos promotions.
I choose to have the Cataplana Orginale which in the menu, its introduced as 'A traditional Portuguese dish of perfectly flame-grilled peri-peri chicken thights, simmered with fresh strips of bell peppers, tossed with courgettes, onions and ripe tomatoes and served on a bed of spice rice' and as per usual, for the spicy level I took extra hot peri-peri. But this round, I failed the 'hot' test. I cannot finish the whole dish. For the first time, I feel that it is too spicy for me.
The rice, is totally covered by the 'hot peri-peri' sauce and I feel like eating the porridge. After they layered the top of the rice with a lot of 'peri-peri' sauce, they mix the vegetables and the chickens again with the spicy sauce and yes this is burning my tongue. I am not sure is it because I am still having flu result that I cannot finish the food or because of the rice is too soggy with all the sauce but for sure, it is very spicy.
My friend said maybe I should try the medium level for new dish. Yeah, agree, maybe next time for new dish I should do that.
Overall, I still like the Mediterranean rice compare with this spice rice and the grilled chicken is in small pieces where you cannot really taste it is a grilled chicken. It just a normal cook chicken with some spice and the peri-peri sauce for me.
After all, I still prefer their 1/4 grilled chicken with two sides which only SGD14.90. For this Cataplana, stated as SGD19.90 in the menu. (WoW, so X, luckily we got it free).

Beside the food, I took a photo for the interior in this outlet. I like the interior (the industry design). 
Outlet Address:
#01-46, Tampines Mall 4,
Tampines Central 5,
Grilling hour: 10am - 10 pm

We ordered two glasses of warm water and 2 ice lemon tea, but the warm water was never served until we asked for the bill and requested it again. The paying process also took sometime (took us about 15 mins and we decided to walk to the cashier counter to get back my friends credit card ourselves 0.O).

Nandos at Tampines Mall, Singapore

Interior Nandos outlet at Tampines Mall, Singapore

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life is all about Gaming

I still remember Diablo 3 release date on 15 May 2012. On the next day, all the post started to popup everywhere in all the media. Everyone is talking about the game.
I am not a gamer. Although I do play with some arcade or strategy games on and off using my iphone 4. But now, not all games catch my eyes. (Not sure is it due to aging or what :p ) 
But recently I was addicting with an iphone game call 'LogosQuiz'. See how many logo you know or you think you know.  LogosQuiz release their level 9 for iphone apps yesterday in version 1.3.0. I downloaded it. Thanks God, I had accumulate enough hint and the hints points help me cracked the level. Hurray !!!
I decided to post the answers in my tech blog call Life Tech (mainly just want to show off I finished the level). But surprisingly, the page bring in good traffics from all the people who also obsess with this game. (Believe me, this game is addictive, just like running, coffee, tattoo... well, seems like I always go for those addictive stuff. :p ) 
Happy Gaming ...

wait.. wait.. if you are looking for LogoQuiz answer. Its Available here - Life Tech

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bad bad sign

It's almost 1am and I am still trying my best to fix my nose.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time to top up some caffeine - Barista the 3rd Place

After 1.5 days bed rest due to the cough and heavy flu.  Time to go out jalan-jalan after feeling better. Dropped by the Changi City Point to pick up some factory outlet stuff. 'I need to topup some caffeine, the fuel is running low'. That was what I told my friend.
Found a place call Barista the 3rd place #01-49 near the Challenger outlet. I have no idea why the called it Barista the 3rd place. But the cafe looks very good and nice place to hang out. As per normal, I just ordered a cup of cappuccino (SGD5.20-Regular) and my for a mint choc (SGD 6.20-Regular) for my fried.
The cappuccino is too acidic for me and the mint choc as my friend said it is too thick. (well, good for those who likes thick chocolate). 
Well, the place is having promotion promotion right now. Buy 1 and get 2nd drink in 50% off.
Another good thing about this place, there are small plug under most of the table where you can just bring your laptop, plug in and hang out at the area. The place was not crowded but after we sit there and took a few shoot with our phone camera, the chairs started to fill up. (we always bring business to those cafe somehow).

Barista the 3rd place, changi city pointBarista the 3rd place, changi city point
Nice, clean and comfort sofa in the cafe.
cappuccino from barista the 3rd placemint choc from barista the 3rd place
Cappuccino in take away cup with special lightning created using iphone flash light and the mint choc in white cup.

barista the 3rd place from changi city pointbarista the 3rd place from changi city point
Here is the promotions leaflet. Not sure when the promotion will end.

Time to buy or time to sell?

What's new about the stock market?
News about the Greece want to exit the Euro and this had cause some tensions on the Greece bank. Everyone asking will the bank go bankrupt?
Check back the Singapore market. The price of stocks in your watch list seems like giving you a GSS (great Singapore sales). Should you go in and start to collect now? Not for me. I am a bit kiasi (afraid to die). So I think if I buy now I will make sure I have enough money to do a price average of the market drop again and again or crash.

Good luck.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot Deal? Paypal having travel campaign.

When google around, saw this ads. Paypal is having promotions.
If you book hotel using or Tunes Hotels, and many more and choose to pay via paypal, there are more discount will be given.
To check on the details, you can go to the paypal website  or here provided the link
Well, you can save some money for the next trip, and the next and the next and the next. Hurray !!!

Curry Chicken Secret Recipe

To be honest, my mums cooking especially the curry chicken, really thumbs up and unbeatable. So today I am going to share out the recipe. Yes, no kidding, share out everything. No secret. Today we are going to have a big family gathering and my mum again, show off her kung fu and prepare big bowl of curry chicken and yellow ginger rice.

Lets work on the ingredient first.
1) Chicken - 3 Big fat chickens. (well, we are throwing a big party here).
2) Potato 
3) Curry paste
4) Lemon grass and cinnamon
5) Salt, Sugar, soya sauce.
6) Coconut milk (200ml) x 2
(if you cooking for only 1 chicken, please cut down the coconut milk accordingly)

How to prepare the ingredient:
1) peel, wash and cut the potato. (NB: remember to soak the potato into plain water, as if you leave the cut potato expose, the iodine will get oxidise and the potato will turn to brownish/black).
2) wash and cut the chicken and dry up the chicken. (if you bought it from the wet market, you can make a request and they will cut for you, save all the messy work).
3) wash and cut the lemon grass into smaller portions. (pls refer the photo below).

Start Cooking:
1) Fried the potato first. Why? This is important, as if you do not fried it first, after few round of reboil /reheat of the curry chicken, you will not be able to find any potato as all will become smash potato. (to know how to fried the potato refer here)

2) Removed the potato and extra oil from the pot.  Put in the chilli paste, cinnamon, lemon grass and *chicken feet. Sit and mixed all together.
curry chicken with lemon grass and cinnamon

3) Now put in the chickens. Add in a spoonful of sugar, a bit of salt, some soya sauce. (*just a bit of salt will do as the soya sauce will provide saltiness to the dish as well).
add in soya sauce, sugar and salt into the curry chicken

4) Stir and mixed all the ingredient accordingly. Now, add in the coconut milk and stir a while and let the whole things boil. 
5) After the chicken is done. (fully cook), add in the potato and stir the mixture thoroughly and let the whole pot boil.
lastly put in the potato into the curry chicken

6) There is no step 6. Its done.
curry chicken with recipe

Quick Look on the ingredient: 

*Here is the coconut milk we are using (Ayam brand, support local product) and the chilli paste (can get it from shopping centre)

*Just soak the potato in the water after clean and cut into pieces and when you want to use it, dry it by removing the water. You can use a small basket like the picture below
soak the potato into water to keep the potato freshDry the pototo when needed

How to know the pot is hot

This post is to show you how to know the pot is hot especially when you want to fried French fries or potato.
If the pot is not hot and the oil is not boil, the food will not be crunchy but become soggy.

First, heat up the pot. Make sure no more water in the pot.
Second, pour in the oil.
Third, check the oil, if there are bubbles air, means the pot is hot and its ready for your food. 
pour the oil into the hot pot

oil with air bubbles, ready for food

Friday, May 18, 2012

Self quarantine

Hi all,
I am down with bad cough and flu.
Please keep yourself at least 5 meters away.
But thinking of keeping my family 5m away, that means I will be home alone!!!

Classic Breakfast

What is classic?
Here you go.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch at Astons Express

Lunch at Marsiling Food Court again. Tried in the highly recommended stall. Astons Express. I ordered Black Pepper chicken which cost me SGD6.50. First time 'makan' in this stall. After placing the ordered, the girl asked me what sides I would like to go with and that really surprise me. The dish come with two sides. I took potato salad and coleslaw. (in the menu, the sides are SGD1.80 each). 
The waiting time is not long and this is really good as our lunch time is limited (have to catch the bus).  The chicken looks small and does not look so attractive due to the black pepper gravy. But do not judge the food before you taste it. The taste is quite up to standard (restaurant standard) and this really surprise me. I like both of the sides. They are using the red potato and red cabbage for the salads. Luckily the course come with two free sides or else I do not think the small black pepper chicken can fill my starving tummy. This Astons Express in Marsiling food court worth the money if you are craving for grill food around the neighbourhood area, I will give them 7/10 and will re-visit to try out some other things in the menu.

Other stalls available in the same food court.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clay Pot Chicken Rice

Lunch out at Blk168 food court which just located behind the Marsiling MRT station. Craving for clay pot chicken rice and decided to try out here. The weather is really hot during lunch time and the heat just trap in the food court with crowd. 
One bowl of clay pot chicken rice cost me SGD4.50. But the taste is not satisfying. The food serve in hot but the chicken, although its hot but its tasteless like frozen meat. The rice it self and the sauce does not bring out the real clay pot rice smell. Its nothing but just some ordinary white rice with some soya  sauce for me even with chinese sausage and one small piece of salted fish.
Worth the money? Not really. 
Worth to try? I will only give 3 out of 10 for this stall.
But realised they are selling other things like soup and hot plate noodles. Maybe I will try out other dishes next time.

Other stalls available in the same food court.

Marsiling Clay Pot Chicken riceMarsiling Clay Pot Chicken rice

Pasalubong from my boss

Thank you boss, love it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

清抄豆苗+豆芽 How to cook bean sprouts (Chinese Cuisine)

How to cook bean sprouts in 5 minutes. Yes its easy.

Baby Dou Miao (in box), silver bean sprouts, cooking oil (one tea spoon), abit of salt and light soya sauce.

Wash both the baby dou miao and silver sprouts.

Baby dou miao and silver bean sproutsBaby dou miao and silver bean sprouts

Step by Step:
1) Heat up the pan and put the tea spoon of oil into the pan.
2) Now, put everything into the pan.  (baby dou miaosilver bean sprouts,salt and light soya sauce).
3) Stir it. Do not leave it too long. Once its cook, turn off the stove and its done. (should be under 1 minute depends on the light of the stove).
*Secret: Please take not, the bean sprouts should be in juicy and crunchy form. Leave it too long in the hot pan will turn it to  soggy.

p/s: I put some chinese salty vege in as well.

Happy Cooking :D

how to cook baby dou miao and bean sprouts

How to cook Hot Plate Tou Fu with mushroom (Chinese Cuisine)

Here I would like to share how to cook hot plate toufu with mushroom, one of the famous chinese cuisine and its really simple.

Egg Toufu x1, carrot (a bit), mushroom (different type of mushroom based on your own preference), corn flour (one tea spoon), Oyster source (one tea spoon), oil (a bit).

Hot plate toufu ingredient

Method to prepare:
a) If you are getting the type of mushroom like I do, below attached some photo how to clean up the mushroom.  
i) For the beech mushroom (the mushroom with brown cap), just tear the mushroom out in small portions (like image below) and cut the bottom part with a scissor.
ii) For enoki/golden mushroom, do not take out the plastic. Just use a scissor and cut the bottom part away and remove the plastic cover and done. 
(i) + (ii) put all the mushroom into a big bowl of water and wash at least twice.


b) Cut the egg toufu in the middle, take out the toufu by squeeze it gently at the end and place the toufu at your palm, cut the toufu slowly (*Be careful not to cut your hand) you can put the toufu on flat surface to avoid cutting your own hand.

Ok, now all the ingreadient is ready. Lets light up the stove and start. 
Step by Step:
1) Heat up your pan.
2) Put in some oil and let it heat up.
3) Put the egg toufu in slowly. Slowly to avoid the oil spill out (*dry the toufu in a plate for couple of minutes, that will reduce the hot oil spit out from the pans). The reason we need to fried the toufu first to prevent the toufu break into small pieces when you cook with the mushroom later on. Once the toufu turn into golden color, its time to take it out. (image 2 below)

 4) After the toufu, take out all the oil and left a bit in the pan. Now you can put all the other ingredient like carrot and all the mushroom down. Pour the oyster source in and stir to make sure all mix well. 
5) Now its the toufu time, let the toufu join in the party. Pour all the toufu into the pan and stir for few seconds. Now is the source time, mix the corn flour with the water and pour into the pan. This is to make the source looks a bit sticky.  Put a bit of salt  or light soya source if you like it more salty.

6) Stir for ~1 minutes and its done. Ready to serve.

Total time including ingredient preparation is less than 15 minutes. 

Happy Cooking. Hope all enjoy.
If you have any question, feel free to post it here.

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