Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Mothers Day Special - Vegetarian Lunch

I went to market in the morning. Bought some ingreadient and decided to cook lunch for my mum. (Well, she cook 365 days and I cook only one meal).  Try to be simple and fast as I only cook instant noodles in normal day for my own supper.  But today, things abit different as I cook for my mum and I hope no one will get upset tummy after that.
1) Hot plate toufu with mushroom. (Mushroom always good for body, help in immune system and toufu provide calcium for body).
2) Dou Meow +Tau Geh cha cha cha. (清抄豆苗+豆芽) me and my mum like this as its juicy and good to go with porridge.
Whats my mum comments? she said, 'mmm, ok, quite nice' but...
of cause she gave me some suggestions what else can you mix and cook together like canned corns, beans etc to make the dish more colorful.
Thanks mum and Happy mothers day !!!



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