Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clay Pot Chicken Rice

Lunch out at Blk168 food court which just located behind the Marsiling MRT station. Craving for clay pot chicken rice and decided to try out here. The weather is really hot during lunch time and the heat just trap in the food court with crowd. 
One bowl of clay pot chicken rice cost me SGD4.50. But the taste is not satisfying. The food serve in hot but the chicken, although its hot but its tasteless like frozen meat. The rice it self and the sauce does not bring out the real clay pot rice smell. Its nothing but just some ordinary white rice with some soya  sauce for me even with chinese sausage and one small piece of salted fish.
Worth the money? Not really. 
Worth to try? I will only give 3 out of 10 for this stall.
But realised they are selling other things like soup and hot plate noodles. Maybe I will try out other dishes next time.

Other stalls available in the same food court.

Marsiling Clay Pot Chicken riceMarsiling Clay Pot Chicken rice


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