Saturday, May 19, 2012

Curry Chicken Secret Recipe

To be honest, my mums cooking especially the curry chicken, really thumbs up and unbeatable. So today I am going to share out the recipe. Yes, no kidding, share out everything. No secret. Today we are going to have a big family gathering and my mum again, show off her kung fu and prepare big bowl of curry chicken and yellow ginger rice.

Lets work on the ingredient first.
1) Chicken - 3 Big fat chickens. (well, we are throwing a big party here).
2) Potato 
3) Curry paste
4) Lemon grass and cinnamon
5) Salt, Sugar, soya sauce.
6) Coconut milk (200ml) x 2
(if you cooking for only 1 chicken, please cut down the coconut milk accordingly)

How to prepare the ingredient:
1) peel, wash and cut the potato. (NB: remember to soak the potato into plain water, as if you leave the cut potato expose, the iodine will get oxidise and the potato will turn to brownish/black).
2) wash and cut the chicken and dry up the chicken. (if you bought it from the wet market, you can make a request and they will cut for you, save all the messy work).
3) wash and cut the lemon grass into smaller portions. (pls refer the photo below).

Start Cooking:
1) Fried the potato first. Why? This is important, as if you do not fried it first, after few round of reboil /reheat of the curry chicken, you will not be able to find any potato as all will become smash potato. (to know how to fried the potato refer here)

2) Removed the potato and extra oil from the pot.  Put in the chilli paste, cinnamon, lemon grass and *chicken feet. Sit and mixed all together.
curry chicken with lemon grass and cinnamon

3) Now put in the chickens. Add in a spoonful of sugar, a bit of salt, some soya sauce. (*just a bit of salt will do as the soya sauce will provide saltiness to the dish as well).
add in soya sauce, sugar and salt into the curry chicken

4) Stir and mixed all the ingredient accordingly. Now, add in the coconut milk and stir a while and let the whole things boil. 
5) After the chicken is done. (fully cook), add in the potato and stir the mixture thoroughly and let the whole pot boil.
lastly put in the potato into the curry chicken

6) There is no step 6. Its done.
curry chicken with recipe

Quick Look on the ingredient: 

*Here is the coconut milk we are using (Ayam brand, support local product) and the chilli paste (can get it from shopping centre)

*Just soak the potato in the water after clean and cut into pieces and when you want to use it, dry it by removing the water. You can use a small basket like the picture below
soak the potato into water to keep the potato freshDry the pototo when needed


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