Monday, May 7, 2012

Desert at Honeymoon Desert at Somerset 313

Come across this place many time but never try this place desert. Honeymoon desert (满记甜品).  The place was not crowded when we reached there around 4pm. We ordered our favourite Mango Pamelo Sago (SGD5.80), more expensive compare with the First Desert in Bugis that we use to go, since we are sharing, we ordered another small dish mochi coated with crushed peanut and sesame (SGD3.70).
Waited for about 10 mins for the desert to serve. How is the taste? This place really surprise us. The Mango Pamelo Sago, came in cold. The desert itself is not only have the sweet taste like most of the place but the aroma and sour taste from the mango make it even better and the combination with pamelo and sago make it nearly perfect. Now I know why this small bowl of desert cost us nearly six dollars. Really worth to try.
Our next dish was mochi coated with crushed peanut and sesame. Came in 6 mochi with sesame, peanut and brownsugar on top. We just rolled the mochi on top of the peanut and sesame crushes and took a small bite afraid that the inner part of mochi will be too hot, but still ok as the temperature is still acceptable and you can just pop the whole mochi into your mouth (that is what I did for the rest of the mochi). The mochi  come in plain with no filling at all, but with the peanut and sesame crush, its tasty and nice.

Honeymoon desert @313 Somerset

Honeymoon desert @313 Somerset, menu

Mochi coated with crushed peanut and sesame, Honeymoon desert @313 SomersetMango Pamelo Sago, Honeymoon desert @313 Somerset


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