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Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012

Signed up for the 6km around March and started to train up for running. Just for your information, I am a couch potato and energizer night trail 2012 is my first official run and I did it. Since this is my first run and I am overexcited, after the run I went to check the result page almost everyday (although they already let us know the result only make available after 3 working days).
Well, my timing is pretty bad (got to train up more) but the most important is I enjoy the run and I really do and now i just feel like want to run more and more and I told my friend, next year I am going for 12km.
For those who are interested to join next year but have some questions, I had prepared some Q&A below.
1) how to get there
Don't worry, there are shuttle bus every 15 mins in woodlands mrt exit C. If you don't know where is exit C, just follow the crowd who wear the same event shirt. The whole woodlands are full of people who wearing the same color of shirts. (this year the running shirt is in green but not yellow, or else can wear that for Bersih3.0 :p)

2) What time the race started.
For this year, 18km started on 7.30pm, 12km around 7.45-8pm and 6km on 8.30pm.

3) Wah, the run started so late ah, how to finish? I use to sleep early le.
Hey, it's call night trail running. You want it to start at 5pm and end at 7pm? The sun don't even go down yet. Even you signed up for 18km, you have 3hours buffer time to finish everything and there are first aids and volunteers along the way. I believe thy should be able to pick you up if you fall asleep half way running. lol

4) what time should I reach there?
You can go there early as there are some other events going on. Don't worry about food, there are plenty of free food there. This year, free flow milo, Ramli burger(yes burger to fill your tummy), free flow of fruits (banana an apples- I brought my own banana), free flow of magnum gold ice cream( magnum !!! Yes no kidding and it's free flow), old chang kee and drinks and many more.
Disclaimer: Items may vary year to year based on sponsors.

5) is the run very difficult?
I am not sure for 12 and 18km but for 6km, it's still manageable even for couch potato like me. How much and how long I trained up for this run? You can go to my Facebook and check on my running records. Most of the part of the trail is up/down hill.
There is one part in the run which you may need to use the rope provided for uphill. It's really fun and beware of the small rocks along the trail.

6) is it dangerous?
Not really as there are first aid counter and water point along the trail and a lots of volunteer. Just slow down your pace as for trail run is slightly different wig garden run.

7) what else?
What else? If you are looking for nice scenery along the run, I dont think you can see anything as you are running in the dark with a given headlamp. But if you like stars. Yes, stars, there got plenty. Just raise your head and you will be able to see. (disclaimer, number of strs will be depends on the event day weather. No guarantee ah!!) in Singapore most of the places are cover with lights, but here, you really able to see stars there. Every runner who finished the run will get the energizer medal (as below photo) with the distance printed behind.

8) can I go there for training before the run?
As I understand from the host, the place is army trained area. The run day is the only day the place open for public.

Fun level 10/10.

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