Monday, May 7, 2012

Gerry's Grill at Cuppage Rd

My friend brought me to this place Gerry's Grill after our queue in the youth park for the pinoy BBQ chicken ended up need to wait another extra 30mins for the chicken to be done. The Gerry's Grill in 51, Cuppage Road, Starhub Centre.
The place was not crowded. Thanks God, we were really starving. We ordered a BBQ squid (inhaw na pusit), BBQ pork belly (inihaw na liempo), chapsuey and 3 plate of white rice. Yes 3 plate for two person. Oh I forgot to mentioned. Gerry's Grill serving pinoy food.
The taste of the food is really good and definitely I will come again. Check on the bill, the dinner cost us around SGD35 and I took a second glance on the bill, no gst no service charge. wow, this is good. 
Normal lunch/dinner out, the gst and service charge cost us more than a chop suey and sometime even more. 
If you like grill food, try here.


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