Monday, May 14, 2012

清抄豆苗+豆芽 How to cook bean sprouts (Chinese Cuisine)

How to cook bean sprouts in 5 minutes. Yes its easy.

Baby Dou Miao (in box), silver bean sprouts, cooking oil (one tea spoon), abit of salt and light soya sauce.

Wash both the baby dou miao and silver sprouts.

Baby dou miao and silver bean sproutsBaby dou miao and silver bean sprouts

Step by Step:
1) Heat up the pan and put the tea spoon of oil into the pan.
2) Now, put everything into the pan.  (baby dou miaosilver bean sprouts,salt and light soya sauce).
3) Stir it. Do not leave it too long. Once its cook, turn off the stove and its done. (should be under 1 minute depends on the light of the stove).
*Secret: Please take not, the bean sprouts should be in juicy and crunchy form. Leave it too long in the hot pan will turn it to  soggy.

p/s: I put some chinese salty vege in as well.

Happy Cooking :D

how to cook baby dou miao and bean sprouts


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