Monday, May 14, 2012

How to cook Hot Plate Tou Fu with mushroom (Chinese Cuisine)

Here I would like to share how to cook hot plate toufu with mushroom, one of the famous chinese cuisine and its really simple.

Egg Toufu x1, carrot (a bit), mushroom (different type of mushroom based on your own preference), corn flour (one tea spoon), Oyster source (one tea spoon), oil (a bit).

Hot plate toufu ingredient

Method to prepare:
a) If you are getting the type of mushroom like I do, below attached some photo how to clean up the mushroom.  
i) For the beech mushroom (the mushroom with brown cap), just tear the mushroom out in small portions (like image below) and cut the bottom part with a scissor.
ii) For enoki/golden mushroom, do not take out the plastic. Just use a scissor and cut the bottom part away and remove the plastic cover and done. 
(i) + (ii) put all the mushroom into a big bowl of water and wash at least twice.


b) Cut the egg toufu in the middle, take out the toufu by squeeze it gently at the end and place the toufu at your palm, cut the toufu slowly (*Be careful not to cut your hand) you can put the toufu on flat surface to avoid cutting your own hand.

Ok, now all the ingreadient is ready. Lets light up the stove and start. 
Step by Step:
1) Heat up your pan.
2) Put in some oil and let it heat up.
3) Put the egg toufu in slowly. Slowly to avoid the oil spill out (*dry the toufu in a plate for couple of minutes, that will reduce the hot oil spit out from the pans). The reason we need to fried the toufu first to prevent the toufu break into small pieces when you cook with the mushroom later on. Once the toufu turn into golden color, its time to take it out. (image 2 below)

 4) After the toufu, take out all the oil and left a bit in the pan. Now you can put all the other ingredient like carrot and all the mushroom down. Pour the oyster source in and stir to make sure all mix well. 
5) Now its the toufu time, let the toufu join in the party. Pour all the toufu into the pan and stir for few seconds. Now is the source time, mix the corn flour with the water and pour into the pan. This is to make the source looks a bit sticky.  Put a bit of salt  or light soya source if you like it more salty.

6) Stir for ~1 minutes and its done. Ready to serve.

Total time including ingredient preparation is less than 15 minutes. 

Happy Cooking. Hope all enjoy.
If you have any question, feel free to post it here.


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