Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Cook Chinese (Teow Chew) Porridge

This is for sharing purpose. 
How to cook teow chew porridge. Porridge is one of the simplest things to cook. Most of the people will only eat porridge when they are not feeling well or sick but for Teow Chew (a dialect of chinese), we eat porridge almost everyday. Thats why if you are in Singapore foodcourt, you easily can find stalls selling white porridge during lunch/dinner time.  Here I sould like to share how to cook the teow chew porridge, its simple and fast.
1) Rice
2) Water
3) Pot
4) stove :p

1) Rinse the rice. (Put water in the pot and just stir it with your hands then pour the water away, repeat it for 2 times).
How to cook teow chew porridge
2) Filled the pot with some water and put the pot on the stove and here we go.
  How to cook teow chew porridge

3) Aftter the water boiled, open the cover and put it under slow cooking. (adjust the stove to small)
How to cook teow chew porridge

4) Aftter about 2-3 minutes, check the porridge, if you see the rice start to have open end, its time to close the stove and its done.
How to cook teow chew porridge

4) Cover the pot with and wait for 4-5 minutes and when you open up the pot again, you will be able to see the porridge in good shapes and it is ready to be serve.
How to cook teow chew porridge


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