Friday, May 25, 2012

Life is all about Gaming

I still remember Diablo 3 release date on 15 May 2012. On the next day, all the post started to popup everywhere in all the media. Everyone is talking about the game.
I am not a gamer. Although I do play with some arcade or strategy games on and off using my iphone 4. But now, not all games catch my eyes. (Not sure is it due to aging or what :p ) 
But recently I was addicting with an iphone game call 'LogosQuiz'. See how many logo you know or you think you know.  LogosQuiz release their level 9 for iphone apps yesterday in version 1.3.0. I downloaded it. Thanks God, I had accumulate enough hint and the hints points help me cracked the level. Hurray !!!
I decided to post the answers in my tech blog call Life Tech (mainly just want to show off I finished the level). But surprisingly, the page bring in good traffics from all the people who also obsess with this game. (Believe me, this game is addictive, just like running, coffee, tattoo... well, seems like I always go for those addictive stuff. :p ) 
Happy Gaming ...

wait.. wait.. if you are looking for LogoQuiz answer. Its Available here - Life Tech


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