Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch at Astons Express

Lunch at Marsiling Food Court again. Tried in the highly recommended stall. Astons Express. I ordered Black Pepper chicken which cost me SGD6.50. First time 'makan' in this stall. After placing the ordered, the girl asked me what sides I would like to go with and that really surprise me. The dish come with two sides. I took potato salad and coleslaw. (in the menu, the sides are SGD1.80 each). 
The waiting time is not long and this is really good as our lunch time is limited (have to catch the bus).  The chicken looks small and does not look so attractive due to the black pepper gravy. But do not judge the food before you taste it. The taste is quite up to standard (restaurant standard) and this really surprise me. I like both of the sides. They are using the red potato and red cabbage for the salads. Luckily the course come with two free sides or else I do not think the small black pepper chicken can fill my starving tummy. This Astons Express in Marsiling food court worth the money if you are craving for grill food around the neighbourhood area, I will give them 7/10 and will re-visit to try out some other things in the menu.

Other stalls available in the same food court.


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