Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Riverside Indonesian BBQ

Meeting a friend for dinner at Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Ghaut today.  There are a few famous stalls in the foodcourt running by Kopitiam here. One of it is 'Riverside Indonesian BBQ' and that's what we are having for our dinner.
My friend ordered the BBQ Chicken which cost her SGD5.50 and for me, the grilled squid cost me SGD6.00. Then we share, get to taste two in the same time. =D
The grilled squid are thick and big and chewy. Its fully cook but not overcooked and that is really worth additional point gain for this stall. For the chicken, its tender and nice with the BBQ source. Both of my friend and I did not asked for the curry source on the rice as for me, I do not like the santan (coconut milk) when I am too hungry as I believed that will triggered stomach ache and for my friend, she just not use to the  curry taste. 
The set come with a side which is omelette egg and a small bowl of hot soup.
Nice food, good location and reasonable price. Worth to give it a try if you drop by the place.

The Q is getting longer. For ordering grilled squid, you may need to wait for a while as they will grilled it after they took the order. That is how the squid are so chewy and crunchy.

 Big grilled chicken drumstick in BBQ source, although the chicken is prepared before hand and reheat up after the order, but its still as tender as freshly grilled. How they do it? Must be some secret recipe or what. :D

Big and thick grilled squid in BBQ source, make you ask for more.


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