Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They said its Good - Marsiling Duck Noodles

Highly recommended by one of my colleague. She said this stall selling quite good duck noodles. So I gave it a try today. I'd ordered a bowl of duck noodles with soup. Taste wise average. Value for money? The SGD2.80 bowl of noodles with few slices of duck meat looks very little. But surprisingly, I feel really full after had it as lunch today and I was very hungry that time.
Beside the dark noodles, where you can order it as dry(they will still provide you one small bowl of soup) or soup, this stall also selling chinese BBQ pork rice, chicken rice and duck rice.
Today my colleague gave us a general knowledge question. Why the stall selling duck/chicken rice will not cut the chicken before hand? For those who dont know, this is because the water from the juice from the meat will vapourish and the meat will become dry and hard and the taste of freshness will be gone.
Rating: 5.5/10.
well, I still prefer the duck noodles once I had at Malacca, Malaysia where the soup had a strong herbal smells and they even have special homemade chilli source. I wish one day I am able to revisit the place and blog about it. =D

Other stalls available in the same food court.

Marsiling Dark Noodles


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