Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time to top up some caffeine - Barista the 3rd Place

After 1.5 days bed rest due to the cough and heavy flu.  Time to go out jalan-jalan after feeling better. Dropped by the Changi City Point to pick up some factory outlet stuff. 'I need to topup some caffeine, the fuel is running low'. That was what I told my friend.
Found a place call Barista the 3rd place #01-49 near the Challenger outlet. I have no idea why the called it Barista the 3rd place. But the cafe looks very good and nice place to hang out. As per normal, I just ordered a cup of cappuccino (SGD5.20-Regular) and my for a mint choc (SGD 6.20-Regular) for my fried.
The cappuccino is too acidic for me and the mint choc as my friend said it is too thick. (well, good for those who likes thick chocolate). 
Well, the place is having promotion promotion right now. Buy 1 and get 2nd drink in 50% off.
Another good thing about this place, there are small plug under most of the table where you can just bring your laptop, plug in and hang out at the area. The place was not crowded but after we sit there and took a few shoot with our phone camera, the chairs started to fill up. (we always bring business to those cafe somehow).

Barista the 3rd place, changi city pointBarista the 3rd place, changi city point
Nice, clean and comfort sofa in the cafe.
cappuccino from barista the 3rd placemint choc from barista the 3rd place
Cappuccino in take away cup with special lightning created using iphone flash light and the mint choc in white cup.

barista the 3rd place from changi city pointbarista the 3rd place from changi city point
Here is the promotions leaflet. Not sure when the promotion will end.


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