Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beef Noodles from Causeway Point (FoodRepubic) 大食代 牛肉面

After long wait, finally Causeway Point, Woodlands FoodCourt is back from renovations.
I had ordered a bowl of soup beef noodles. Cost me SGD4.30 (they definitely charge us for the renovation on this). The taste of the noodles is quite good, but this is still overprice for me as I was not feeling full after the bowl of noodles but bought some bread for teabreak (During the tea break, I ate 3 slices of bread and a cup of hot milo from the vending machine and 2 apples from NTUC).  The noodles is not filling up my tummy.
When we were on our way out from the shopping mall, there are a few students dress up like chef standing in front of the mall distributing the small promotions cards from the foodcourt. 10% discount. Well, its still overprice for me after the 10% discount (SGD3.90) and the promotions cards only valid until 28 June 2012 and only valid from Monday to Thursday.
Taste of the noodles: 7/10
Price: Overprice.

Beef Noodles from Food Republic


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