Tuesday, June 19, 2012

glacéau Vitamin Water

Came across this drink. Before throw the bottle away, saw the funny advertising label. I thought those are writing about the vitamins bla bla bla. But I was wrong. The funny advertising label make me google for all the label sentence online.
The one I have here with me is restore. Highlighted the funny part in green. Will try out the other drink and post the funny label here. Stay tune. 
restore™fruit-punch (b+potassium)if you woke up tired, you need more sleep. if you woke up drooling on your desk, you need a new job. if you woke up with a headache, somewhere in clarke quay, with dried mee goreng stuck to your face, you probably need answers, not to mention this product. it’s got potassium and b vitamins to help you recover and feel like last night never happened…except it did and the evidence is probably all over facebook™ by now.
try it: morning (read: hangover) or to avoid post-lunch coma
what i contain: vitamins c, b3, b6, b12 and potassium


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