Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ikea Meatball Shrinking !!! @Alexandra Road

Been quite sometime never have Ikea food. The meatball is my favourite. Decided to drop by to the Ikea Restaurant. Luckily we reach there quite early (~6pm) where the dinner queue was yet to form up. We ordered  Swedish Meatball (10 pcs) SGD5.40 and 4 Chicken Wings. The Meatball is shrinking. I remember last time it was round and solid and big. Now the size is like a Singapore $1 coin and its not round and not compact. Quite disappointing. Last time we have to share for the 10 pcs set but now we can finish it all by own. Luckily we ordered 4 chicken wings and the size of the chicken wing still the same .. 
Is that really a Swedish Meatball? or its a Singapore Meatball??? I thought they should promote the Swedish food there. Really disappointing.  We purposely dropped by to have the meat ball. Until now look into the photo I snapped. Where is the old time Ikea meat ball?

Ikea Meat BallIkea Chicken Wing


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