Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant 家乡

My friend bought me to Vivo City 'Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant at Vivo City. The place is just beside the foodcourt in the basement furnish with the old style wooden furniture.
We both ordered the Kuching Noodles. I never tried this before but I do have friends went to Kuching before mentioning the noodles there is really nice. 
But how about this? The wantan noodles is not in black ?!!!(not as what I usually have which is with the black thick soya sauce).  This really not attracting me. The come with soup with 3 wantan and 2 prawns inside. After I took the first bite, the taste surprise me. I thought the taste will not be good but I was wrong. My friend told me must eat with their chilli. I tried to mix a bit in the noodles. It taste even better.
Thanks to my friends, the noodles is Good. Thumbs up.

家乡Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant Pte Ltd.
B2-38 Vivo City 
Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant 家乡

Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant 家乡, MenuJia Xiang Kuching Restaurant 家乡


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