Monday, June 11, 2012

Nandos in JCube

For those who read the blog, I am so sorry, again, I need to talk about Nandos. Probably you are thinking am I crazy why I keep having same thing over and over again. Well, at least not in the same place. Am I going to try out all the Nandos outlets here in Singapore? Hmm.. I don't know, lets see how.
Ok, first of all, thank you for the treat. Yes this time is a job promotions treat from colleagues. (Thats the best part I like, having nice food and you dont even need to spend, if can, more treat please ...)
Due to not feeling well, I am talking the lemon and herbs sauce with grilled vegetables (somehow mine sides is little that day, maybe due to all of us ordering the same sides 'grilled vegetables') and this time my colleagues ordering something new for us to try. The Novo Pita. (nice ~~)
Enjoy the food.. and again.. Girls, thank you so much for the treat!
Grilled chicken from Nandos Jcube, Jurong East

Pita from Nandos Jcube Jurong East


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