Monday, June 4, 2012

泰丰火锅 Tyhe Hong Steamboat at Liang Seah Street, Bugis

If you walk down to the bugis in Singapore during the dinner time, there are a lot of places where you can have nice steamboat along the street. Why this place? Well, you only need to pay nett SGD20 per pax during weekend. (Friday - Sunday SGD20nett per pax and Monday-Thursday SGD18nett per pax) and the variety of the food is really a lot. But the most important thing is, the seafood is quite fresh (not easy to get those places which serve fresh seafood) and secondly, along the street, there are quite number of places for desert. (my favourite desert place - Desert First is in the same row)
You can choose up to two soups for your steamboat (we usually go for chicken and tomyam) and we attack only a few things.
1) Prawns
2) Crabs
3) Pork
4) Beef
5) Vege
6) Mushrooms
7) Fried bun
8) Fruits

Beside all the above mentioned items, they have a lots more like clams (several types), seaweed, noddles..etc. They usually have two type of drinks, cold barley or lemon juice and beside this there are fruits like pineapples and watermelons and eggs and different type of meats too.
Cheap and nice place to have the weekend nice dinner :D
Should go there again after the next pay day :p
泰丰火锅 Tyhe Hong Steamboat at Liang Seah Street, Bugis泰丰火锅 Tyhe Hong Steamboat at Liang Seah Street, Bugis


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