Monday, July 9, 2012

Spicy Lady La Mei Zhi (辣妹子) Steamboat & Grilled @Novena

Visited this place (Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat & Grilled at Novena over the weekend. There are two branches in Singapore and we went to the Novena outlet (just opposite the Novena Church), another outlet at Bugis area.
First time visited this place, they claimed that they had the original 'Chong Qing' Steamboat. I am not sure about this as we never tried the 'Ma La' soup. We reached there about 5pm (quite early), the store is not crowded and only have one lady serving (Chinese Lady who only speak mandarin). The lady is very friendly and nice person and provide good services. (We request to change the BBQ aluminium foil and topup soup and the lady was giving good services with a big smile everytime and talk politely, a gain point as not all the buffet place having such services, some they just want you to lift up your butt and leave the place faster). 
Forgot to mention about the price. The price is for adult SGD18 nett. Yes only SGD18 and you can eat all you can. (SGD2 cheaper compared with Tyhe Hong Steamboat at Bugis). But in this Spicy Lady outlet, the drink is not included. The can drinks will cost you SGD1.20 per can. (total SGD19.20 per pax). If you want to have grilled food at the same time, you will have no choice but to sit outside the shop (well, more windy and better, I definitely don't want to smell like one of the grilled squid after having the grilled food in air-corn room). For grilled included, you can only have one type of soup as the pot of steamboat will be smaller. If you only have steamboat, you will have the choice of two or more soup base for your steamboat. Check out more from the website here. The boss and more staff will start to join in for the service crew when its near the dinner time (about 6 plus). 
Talk about the food, some of the prawns is not so fresh but overall still quite ok and value the money as my friends all attacking the crabs and prawns and meats. For me, vegetables, mushrooms and pork. Grilled pork !! Yummy !!! There are also white rice in the pot but definitely we are not there for the rice but we did ate a few fried buns. You can marinate the meat with your own recipe by mixing the sauce provided before you start to grill if you want.
Overall, nice place to hang out with friends in such place as you can eat as much as you can and sit there chit chat all night long without worrying the dinner will be over cost.

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena with Tomyam soup

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena with Chicken soup

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena

Friday, July 6, 2012

My new iPhone lock screen wallpaper

Have you ever thought of this? If one day, you lost your iPhone and the screen is lock, how the person able to return the phone to you? (even though I think they probably will reset the phone and sell it). Here is what I can think off. Any better way?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur

Seriously, I don't really like sweat things especially doughnuts. I am not a fans of that. But my friend told me this place is good and famous with their doughnuts. She told me, it just melt in your mouth. I doubt that when I first heard she talked about this and I gave her the look with one eye brow lifted up (not believing).
Last two weeks, we dropped by to Kuala Lumpur and she brought me to this place, Krispy Kreme at Berjaya Time Square. We packed for 6 Original glaze (take away, because we were so full). We just started to eat after about an hour or more. When I took the first bite, that was when, I lifted my eyes brow again (this time both eyes) and shouted to my friend, 'it melt !!!' .. My friend smiled back. This little circle thing really melt in my mouth.
The next morning, I walked to the same place and had this for my breakfast. I ordered the morning breakfast set, sipping the coffee and biting the doughnuts while waiting for my another friend. One is just not enough for me. So I ordered another one. The best thing about this place is, there will come out with different design of doughnuts base on season. Since now the superman is so hit (in the movie), there are having two design for this. One with pink topping drawing the spider web and another one is chocolate with a spider on it (that was what my 2nd doughnut for that day breakfast).
Believe it or not? This place is really worth to drop by and have a try. 
They have the open kitchen concept where you can see how they make the doughnuts through the big glass window.
Whenever I went to Kuala Lumpur next time, for sure I will go for Krispy Kreme again.

p/s: My colleague and I just did a bet on where this company came from, based on the polka dot box design, I buy 'British', but from wikipedia, it turns out to be America. WoW ...
Krispy Kreme Breakfast setKrispy Kreme, Original

Krispy Kreme, Spiderman

Krispy Kreme, PackagingKrispy Kreme, Berjaya Time Square Outlet

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Classic Breakfast at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe(南洋早安), Sembawang Shopping Centre

Nice place to have your breadfast before you heading to the hypermarket (Giant) for weekend groceries. Good Morning Nanyang Cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre. Usually we will order different type of breads which totally different from those traditional cafe like toast box or Yakun. The bread they provided is really nice and we will usually order the hard boiled eggs instead of half boil. This cafe provided very good services. As the first visit we went there and ordering the hard boiled eggs, the eggs came in clean without skin. They helped us to peel the skin before serve it. Thumbs up for this. But if you are like my niece who likes to peel the eggs skin, you have to inform them at the time you place the order to avoid dissapointment :p
Enjoy the coffee, the eggs and the breads and time to 'cheong' (go) to the hypermarket and store up for the groceries. Without this wholesome breadfast, how can we carry the heavy rice/shower gel/dynamo/washing powder/canned food/juices etc..

p/s: this place is not accessible. But you can get the shuttle bus from 9.30am - 10.30pm here or scroll down for the schedule

Bread from Good Morning Nanyang CafeBread from Good Morning Nanyang Cafe

Hard boiled eggs from Good Morning Nanyang Cafe

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