Sunday, July 1, 2012

Classic Breakfast at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe(南洋早安), Sembawang Shopping Centre

Nice place to have your breadfast before you heading to the hypermarket (Giant) for weekend groceries. Good Morning Nanyang Cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre. Usually we will order different type of breads which totally different from those traditional cafe like toast box or Yakun. The bread they provided is really nice and we will usually order the hard boiled eggs instead of half boil. This cafe provided very good services. As the first visit we went there and ordering the hard boiled eggs, the eggs came in clean without skin. They helped us to peel the skin before serve it. Thumbs up for this. But if you are like my niece who likes to peel the eggs skin, you have to inform them at the time you place the order to avoid dissapointment :p
Enjoy the coffee, the eggs and the breads and time to 'cheong' (go) to the hypermarket and store up for the groceries. Without this wholesome breadfast, how can we carry the heavy rice/shower gel/dynamo/washing powder/canned food/juices etc..

p/s: this place is not accessible. But you can get the shuttle bus from 9.30am - 10.30pm here or scroll down for the schedule

Bread from Good Morning Nanyang CafeBread from Good Morning Nanyang Cafe

Hard boiled eggs from Good Morning Nanyang Cafe


  1. Thanks for dropping by my cafe! Kindly note that we are also located at 20 Upper Pickering Street, Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green CC (our flagship store)and 75 Pagoda Street! :)

    1. Hope that able to maintain all the good services and thanks for visiting the blog.

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