Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur

Seriously, I don't really like sweat things especially doughnuts. I am not a fans of that. But my friend told me this place is good and famous with their doughnuts. She told me, it just melt in your mouth. I doubt that when I first heard she talked about this and I gave her the look with one eye brow lifted up (not believing).
Last two weeks, we dropped by to Kuala Lumpur and she brought me to this place, Krispy Kreme at Berjaya Time Square. We packed for 6 Original glaze (take away, because we were so full). We just started to eat after about an hour or more. When I took the first bite, that was when, I lifted my eyes brow again (this time both eyes) and shouted to my friend, 'it melt !!!' .. My friend smiled back. This little circle thing really melt in my mouth.
The next morning, I walked to the same place and had this for my breakfast. I ordered the morning breakfast set, sipping the coffee and biting the doughnuts while waiting for my another friend. One is just not enough for me. So I ordered another one. The best thing about this place is, there will come out with different design of doughnuts base on season. Since now the superman is so hit (in the movie), there are having two design for this. One with pink topping drawing the spider web and another one is chocolate with a spider on it (that was what my 2nd doughnut for that day breakfast).
Believe it or not? This place is really worth to drop by and have a try. 
They have the open kitchen concept where you can see how they make the doughnuts through the big glass window.
Whenever I went to Kuala Lumpur next time, for sure I will go for Krispy Kreme again.

p/s: My colleague and I just did a bet on where this company came from, based on the polka dot box design, I buy 'British', but from wikipedia, it turns out to be America. WoW ...
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Krispy Kreme, Spiderman

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