Monday, July 9, 2012

Spicy Lady La Mei Zhi (辣妹子) Steamboat & Grilled @Novena

Visited this place (Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat & Grilled at Novena over the weekend. There are two branches in Singapore and we went to the Novena outlet (just opposite the Novena Church), another outlet at Bugis area.
First time visited this place, they claimed that they had the original 'Chong Qing' Steamboat. I am not sure about this as we never tried the 'Ma La' soup. We reached there about 5pm (quite early), the store is not crowded and only have one lady serving (Chinese Lady who only speak mandarin). The lady is very friendly and nice person and provide good services. (We request to change the BBQ aluminium foil and topup soup and the lady was giving good services with a big smile everytime and talk politely, a gain point as not all the buffet place having such services, some they just want you to lift up your butt and leave the place faster). 
Forgot to mention about the price. The price is for adult SGD18 nett. Yes only SGD18 and you can eat all you can. (SGD2 cheaper compared with Tyhe Hong Steamboat at Bugis). But in this Spicy Lady outlet, the drink is not included. The can drinks will cost you SGD1.20 per can. (total SGD19.20 per pax). If you want to have grilled food at the same time, you will have no choice but to sit outside the shop (well, more windy and better, I definitely don't want to smell like one of the grilled squid after having the grilled food in air-corn room). For grilled included, you can only have one type of soup as the pot of steamboat will be smaller. If you only have steamboat, you will have the choice of two or more soup base for your steamboat. Check out more from the website here. The boss and more staff will start to join in for the service crew when its near the dinner time (about 6 plus). 
Talk about the food, some of the prawns is not so fresh but overall still quite ok and value the money as my friends all attacking the crabs and prawns and meats. For me, vegetables, mushrooms and pork. Grilled pork !! Yummy !!! There are also white rice in the pot but definitely we are not there for the rice but we did ate a few fried buns. You can marinate the meat with your own recipe by mixing the sauce provided before you start to grill if you want.
Overall, nice place to hang out with friends in such place as you can eat as much as you can and sit there chit chat all night long without worrying the dinner will be over cost.

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena with Tomyam soup

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena with Chicken soup

Spicy Lady, La Mei Zhi Steamboat @Novena


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