Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buckaroo BBQ and Grill

This is not the first time I visited this place, Buckaroo BBQ and Grill at Andrews Avennue, Sembawang Singapore. But always forgot to blog about it or snapped photos to share with others online here. This time, no more miss out. 

Andrews Ave Sembawang Singapore
How to get there: We took SMRT bus 882 from Sembawang Interchange (just behind the Sun Plaza which located just next to the Sembawang MRT), the bus will make a loop from Sembawang Bus Interchange to Sembawang Park and back to the Bus interchange. You can choose to alight at Bus stop B58081 (Opp Jalan Janggus) or wait after the bus make the turn at the end of the Sembawang park and alight at bus stop B58089 (After Andrews Avenue). Alighted at bus stop B58081 will take about 1-2 mins more for walking towards the Andrews Avenue.

The restaurant is hidden in the landed housing area in the Andrews Avenue. Just walk down the street and the restaurant can be easily spot with the bright neon light. The interior design is quite nice with simple wooden table, flags hanging on top and some red dim lightning. There is a drink counter in the end of the place before the kitchen. Remember to call and reserved the place before the visit as usually this place is full house. (well, we always call and reserve our seats).

Buckaroo BBQ and GrillBuckaroo BBQ and Grill-Interior

We ordered the pork ribs and brucetta. The Brucetta is not as nice as we thought but the pork ribs is good. Its fully grilled with BBQ sauce and the meat just drop and melt in your mouth.  We shared the food due to the portions is quite huge. (sorry for the ribs photo as it was too dark and hardly can snapped without flash). Their famous food should be the buffalo wings, onions rings and the mushroom soup but because we were too full, we decided to have that in our next visit. :D  
Again, remember to call and reserve the seat before you drop by as the place usually quite pack.

12-B, Andrews Avenue 759930 Singapore 
Phone: +65-67542621

Brucetta from BuckarooPork Ribs, Buckaroo


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