Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gregory Jade 50 - My first backpack

Bought my first backpack from Campers' Corner Outdoor, Gregory Jade 50 (Himalaya Green) about 2 weeks ago before my Mount Bromo Trip.
I was introduced with Gregory backpack by my friend wantet as she mentioned this brand have special design backpack for female and the bone structure for guys and girls are different where the design of the backpack for girls will be having the weight loaded into the hip instead of the shoulder. I know nothing about the backpack and asking for a recommendation from the staffs there. They suggest me  to take up Jade 34 for my 5 days trip but after understand from us that we may need to use the bag for some other longer trip, they suggest to take up Jade50. I really like the Campers Corder store as the staff are very friendly and willing to advise you accordingly (even we had visited the place many times but never buy anything).  After that they helped me to loaded the bag and teach me how to use the bag (well, there are a lots of straps around, at least you will need to know how to make the backpack hug you so that you will not suffer during the long walk for the trip. 
The bag is really good. I loaded about 9~10kg for my trip and was walking around with the backpack (read more about my Mount Bromo Trip here). The backpack cost me SGD350. But with the POSB Everyday card, I got the cash rebate of 15% and I only pay for the backpack SGD297.50.

Once again, thanks to wantet for bringing me to the store and I had just registered my backpack warranty from the Gregory Official website.


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